No problems in Iran-Egypt bilateral talks

The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson says that the bilateral ties and dialogue between Iran and Egypt are underway and the two sides basically have no problem talking or meeting with each other.

No problems in Iran-Egypt bilateral talks

MEHR: The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson says that the bilateral ties and dialogue between Iran and Egypt are underway and the two sides basically have no problem talking or meeting with each other.

Referring to the latest development in the Iran-Egypt negotiation, Nasser Kan'ani stated, "In the framework of the talks between the foreign ministers of Iran and Egypt on the sidelines of the Baghdad 2 summit, the negotiations were positive and full of interest."

He also added that dialogues have been held at bilateral levels as well as joint consular issues of the two countries.

"At the same time, the government of Iraq and the Prime Minister of this country announced that Iraq is ready to assist in the formation of dialogues between the authorities of Iran and Egypt. Iran welcomes the development of relations," he continued.

Iran welcomes cooperation in making peace, confronting unilateralism

Referring to the proposal of the Russian ambassador to deal with three European countries, Kan'ani stated that the Islamic Republic of Iran, based on its principled and constructive view, cooperates with all parties who are honestly, seriously, and practically ready to cooperate on the issue of security and peace.

"We welcome any joint mechanism based on international collective interests to provide security for humanity, and we own ideas and initiatives that have been proposed and approved by the United Nations," he stressed.

Iran's position toward Afghanistan peaceful

Referring to the Taliban's ban on Afghan women's education, the senior Iranian diplomat stated, "Helping to consolidate peace and stability in Afghanistan and helping the inclusive government in this country is one of our fundamental policies, and regarding the presence of students, we announced our position in this regard, and we emphasize that our positions regarding Afghanistan are mutually peaceful to help the people of this country."

"Because of the neighborhood and the borders between the two countries, whatever happens inside Afghanistan, Iran is affected by that issue," Kan'ani added.

Iran to respond to any threats from Zionist regime

Referring to the election of Netanyahu as the new PM of the Israeli regime and his threatening statements about Iran, Kan'ani called on the authorities of the regime to pay attention to the fragile state of their new government and their unstable economy.

"They know that Iran will respond to any of their actions and threats, and they think seriously about its consequences, and Iran's point of view is quite clear," Kan'ani emphasized.

Ball in JCPOA talks still in court of western parties

Referring to the negotiations on reviving the JCPOA deal and lifting anti-Iran sanctions, Kan'ani again stressed that the ball is in the court of the western side.

Calling on the western parties of the 2015 nuclear deal to take the necessary political decisions for finalizing the deal, the senior Iranian diplomat stated that if the western parties think that they can get more concessions in the negotiations with political pressure, they are definitely wrong.

Kan'ani once again rejected the use of Iran-made drones in the Ukraine war and stressed that Iran is not a party to the war in Kyiv.

Iran received 2 notes regarding Flight 752 Tragedy

Elsewhere in his remarks, Kan'ani referred to the Flight 752 tragedy and said that the Iranian foreign ministry has received two notes through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine from the four countries of Ukraine, Canada, Sweden, and the UK regarding this issue. The Iranian foreign ministry is currently investigating this matter, he added.

Iran has always emphasized pursuing the case properly and has taken extensive measures in accordance with international obligations and domestic laws, Kan'ani said, adding, "Iran condemns any political abuse of this issue."

On January 8, 2020, a plane belonging to Ukrainian Airlines crashed in southern Tehran province due to a human error and a missile fired after taking off from Imam Khomeini International Airport (IKIA) and its 176 passengers, including Iranians, Canadians, Afghans, Swedes, British and Ukrainian flight crew were killed.

Iran condemns Zionists attack on Damascus airport

"In continuation of the aggressive policy of the Zionist regime, we were informed that the Damascus airport was hit by this regime," Kan'ani stated, adding that Iran condemns this action.

He also called on the United Nations and other institutions to condemn such aggressions as well.